2013 - Scottish Deerhound

SE39290/2013 Lawtons Citizen Couture

SE39291/2013 Lawtons Copyright Costeau

SE39292/2013 Lawtons Christopher Columbus

SE39293/2013 Lawtons Cain Cacall To Kerstake

SE39294/2013 Lawtons Catweazle Cosmopolitan >>

SE39295/2013 Lawtons Clemenza Champagne

2013 - Whippet 

SE16557/2013 Lawtons Who Do You Love

SE16558/2013 Lawtons Nothin' But Love

SE16559/2013 Lawtons You Give Good Love

SE16560/2013 Lawtons My Love Is Your Love

SE16561/2013 Lawtons Nobody Loves Me Like You Do

SE16562/2013 Lawtons I Will Always Love You

SE16563/2013 Lawtons The Greatest Love Of All

2012 - Whippet

SE33069/2012 Lawtons How Do You Do

SE33070/2012 Lawtons Sleeping In My Car

SE33071/2012 Lawtons Crash Boom Bang -exp England

SE33072/2012 Lawtons I'm My Own Way -exp Åland

SE33073/2012 Lawtons She's Got Nothing On

SE33074/2012 Lawtons Make My Head Go Pop >

2011 - Scottish Deerhound
SE35580/2011 Lawtons Bond James Bond
SE35581/2011 Lawtons Bruce Willis
SE35582/2011 Lawtons Bing Crosby
SE35583/2011 Lawtons Be Bop Baby >
SE35584/2011 Lawtons Betty Boop
SE35585/2011 Lawtons Bossa Nova
SE35586/2011 Lawtons Bonnie Tyler
SE35587/2011 Lawtons Barbra Streisand
SE35588/2011 Lawtons Brooke Shields
2010 - Whippet
SE12882/2011 Lawtons First Noel >
SE12883/2011 Lawtons In The Bleak Midwinter
SE12884/2011 Lawtons As Joseph Was A Walking
SE12885/2011 Lawtons Universal Child
SE12886/2011 Lawtons A Christmas Cornucopia >
SE12887/2011 Lawtons See Amid The Winter's Snow
SE12888/2011 Lawtons Lullay Lullay -exp Finland
SE12889/2011 Lawtons Holly And The Ivy

 2009:2- Whippet>>

S42797/2009 Lawtons Break The Ice

S42798/2009 Lawtons I Love Rock 'N'Roll

S42799/2009 Lawtons Womanizer -exp Finland

S42800/2009 Lawtons Me Against The Music

S42801/2009 Lawtons Brave New Girl

S42802/2009 Lawtons Oops I Did It Again

S42803/2009 Lawtons Girl In The Mirror

S42804/2009 Lawtons Born To Make You Happy >

2009:1- Whippet >>

S22145/2009 Lawtons Sold My Soul To Rock'N Roll (H)

S22146/2009 Lawtons Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (H)

S22147/2009 Lawtons Love Me With A Feeling (T)

2007 - Whippet>>

S15206/2008 Lawtons I'Ve Been Waiting For You

S15207/2008 Lawtons Put On Your White Sombrero >>

S15208/2008 Lawtons Take A Chance On Me

S15209/2008 Lawtons Lay All Your Love On Me >>

S15210/2008 Lawtons She's My Kind Of Girl

S15211/2008 Lawtons Happy New Year

2006 - Whippet

S24176/2006 Lawtons Let's Go

S24177/2006 Lawtons Cool Blue

S24178/2006 Lawtons Missionary Man

S24179/2006 Lawtons Eurythmics

S24180/2006 Lawtons Sweet Dreams >>

S24181/2006 Lawtons Whos That Girl >>

S24182/2006 Lawtons No Broken Hearts

S24183/2006 Lawtons My True Love